tattoo blessing

- A TATTOO BLESSING is not a physical item you receive at all, just a way for you to compensate me for my work. It is the only form of permission I give for tattoos.


- If you or your tattoo artist posts a picture of the tattoo, a small acknowledgment of @marcellakroll in the description or tag is much appreciated. It is a pleasure to make artwork that so many of you find a connection to. Thank you for all of your kind words and for supporting my livelihood. 


- A TATTOO BLESSING is not a tattoo consult.


- A TATTOO BLESSING is not buying the rights to specific artworks at all, I do not give that kind of permission at all.


-A TATTOO BLESSING gives you full permission/consent to get any of my designs that you want to be tattooed on you that I have made, HOWEVER, if something is labeled on my social media as being a commissioned piece you do not have permission to get that tattooed as someone else has purchased it purely for themselves and for it to be unique. Please be respectful thank you.


- I do not answer emails about tattoo or questions about tattoos (unless it is photos of your tattoo) sorry, everything you need to know about them is on this page and the tattoo ticket listing. Thank you.



With love,