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What kind of readings do you offer? 

The readings I offer are a combination of using the Tarot, Oracle Cards, + Mediumship. I utilize some or all of these ways to communicate with your highest guidance, spirit guides, and mine to help provide insight and clarity to questions you may be seeking answers to, while offering  practical approaches to emotional or energetic questions.


What should I expect to hear from you in my reading?

What topics or predictions can you make?

I will absolutely tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear necessarily. My work is to help people move forward in the best way possible in their lives.  I am not a doctor, and will not answer questions regarding health.  If you are having a health issue or if this is an emergency please consult an appropriate physician, or dial 911 for medical emergencies. I’m not a fortune teller, I am a conduit for your healing. I will not do readings, spells, or healing work that is unethical and/or supportive of behavior that does not support your highest good.  And while I may be able to predict some future related events, I believe that the future is changeable. So I may ask you questions, similar to life coaching and spiritual counseling. If this doesn’t feel right for you, I won’t be offended, and we won’t waste each other’s time if this isn’t the type of reading you are seeking. 


Does it work the same over the phone or internet as it does in person?

It works the same for me whether in person or over the phone. I am very empathic so its not difficult for me to pick up on things even from people from a distance away. I cannot tell you that I am the perfect person for you. That is a decision that you have to make to trust that I can give you the appropriate type of reading. Please read the testimonials here on this site and on Yelp, and see if that resonates with you.


What is a Past Life Regression or Past Life Healing?

Through Past life Regression or Past Life Healing, we can find root causes to phobias, patterns, and beliefs that may be stuck in the subconscious. This is not a reading but more of an active meditation. I utilize guided meditation, breath work, hypnosis exercises, and intuition to explore these things to acknowledge them so you may find the root cause, and let them go on a conscious level. This allows you to move beyond blocks, hurts, or traumas from your past lives that may be affecting your current life. 


How often should I have a reading?

As often as guided, required, and when truly needed. 

Readings/Sessions are sacred space and should be treated as such. Some folks get readings on special occasions, once a month, or only when pressing matters are at hand. As a general rule, Marcella will not read for someone more than once a week. Reason being that you need time to process information, things need to unfold at their own pace, and it's just a healthier relationship for all involved. If of course there is an emergency, she may be able to fit you in. Although if it is a major emergency please seek a professional doctor, lawyer, caterer, etc. to help you with what is needed. 


What if I need to cancel my reading?


When you cancel 36 hours in advance or more there is no fee for the session.  If you cancel an appointment less than 36hrs in advance or do not show for your reading you will be charged the full fee for your scheduled reading.  If you are late, the time late will be deducted from the time of your session. 

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