"I will never forget my first session with Marcella — I walked away speechless, stunned that she could know such specific things about me. Because she is so psychic and life is so impenetrable, I often reach out to her hoping for a peek at the future. She can do that, but I always come away with so much more: faith in my own intuition, trust in the magical level of reality and a sense of being grounded in nature and it’s cycles.  I use her Nature Nurture deck all time — alone, with friends and with my young son. Again and again it has steered us out of trouble and into revelations."

Miranda July - Los Angeles, CA 



"My husband and I had the honor of having Marcella officiate our wedding on the eve of the summer equinox.  We had a beautiful, fun-filled evening with loved ones, and Marcella's speech made it so much more rich and meaningful for the two of us and those that were present to celebrate our union.  My husband and I are pretty easy going, so we gave Marcella the green light to speak what she felt was natural and appropriate for the evening.  We wanted something simple, heartfelt and light, and Marcella held this space with such beauty and perfection.  Whether you have something specific in mind or like us, prefer a short and sweet ceremony, I highly recommend working with this lady if you are in need of an officiant for your upcoming wedding.  Miss Marcella will surely deliver a ceremony beyond your dreams."
Sonya Schwartz - Los Angeles, CA

"My Experience working with Marcella was both fresh and grounding. She made me feel safe so I could tap into my inner freedom and play and heal - who needs acid when there's Marcella Kroll!!" Jessie Beth Kahnweiler -  Los Angeles, CA

"I'm not even sure how to write a review for Marcella but after my first reading with her (today) I'm overwhelmed with the urge to sing her praises. Whatever I write here will seem dry in comparison to the actual experience but here's my best attempt: Her energy is unparalleled. She's kind and relatable and gentle while also being very insightful and detailed. She seemed as eager as I was to investigate and get into the details of each item that came up during our session and the way she read was so full of knowledge and so personal, it was beyond compare. I've had readings with many healers, astrologers, and psychics and many have been quite satisfying but I have never had this experience. Marcella is GOLD!" 

Rosie K. - Los Angeles, CA

"My sessions with Marcella have been nothing short of beautiful and Amazing. I left my first session feeling empowered, self assured and with certainty that I would be OK in my future path. Speaking with Marcella is like speaking to an old friend- one who's advise you take as GOLDEN. Thank you Marcella! You are truly Awesome!" 

Jessica G. - Los Angeles, CA

"Marcella is absolutely lovely and all the positive reviews here are to be fully trusted.  She did a group reading for me and 4 of my friends and was on point with all of our readings. She immediately picked up on what I was going through, without me saying a word and gave me answers and guidance to all the questions in my head. I felt nothing but realness, compassion and love from her.  I've had several readings in the past from phonies but Marcella is the truth. She has AMAZING energy and anyone would be lucky to have a reading with her.  #teammarcella :-)" 

Kristian N. - Los Angeles, CA

"Marcella is incredible. Without question one of the most accurate, no bulls**t, helpful and healing readers I have ever experienced. I have been getting readings regularly throughout my life for the past 10 years and work with people all over the world. Marcella is easily one of the best. On my very first reading I told her nothing at first, and she did an overview of my current situation with the cards. It was incredible how specific and how accurate her description was, going down to time frames, the types of struggles, what I am doing, what it was all for, the kinds of people I was encountering etc. But not only does she provide that insight, she helps to clear and find solutions to problems so you can actively spiritually and energetically move forwards helping to resolve all sorts of issues in your current daily life. What i personally found amazing was, knowing a little bit about tarot, watching her pull the same cards over and over again for a certain situation, you know she's not just making up some random story. It's in the cards and you witness that. She has a real skill. Since my first reading I have been to her a number of times as well as doing readings from overseas over Skype. I have also sent more than five of my friends to her - all of whom have been absolutely blown away and significantly helped in their various situations. Marcella doesn't waste any time, she is articulate and direct and really explains things in a way where you feel every word has weight and meaning. I'm very grateful to have found her. She really is extraordinary." 
Fiora C. - Berlin, DE

"Thank you, Marcella. I've never had a tarot reading before I met Marcella..and though the experience was didn't catch up to me until just a few weeks later. To sum it up, everything fell into place. I love that she suggested I record the session to revisit later. She had many things to weigh in on, so being able to listen to it again, was undeniably helpful. No need to search for anybody else...she is focused, compassionate, and insightful. She tells  you what's up, straight up." 

Tamara P. - Los Angeles, CA

"An amazing human being with an amazing gift. I have been to other psychics and have always walked out feeling confused. The first time I called Marcella was about a year ago. She knew what I was going through, was super nice and professional and left me feeling good about some decisions I had to make. I no longer look for psychics. I call Marcella. Give her a try and find out for yourself." 
David L. - Whittier, CA

"Marcella is a reader's reader.  Meaning, if you understand tarot then you get that it is a practice or a gift rooted in humility + trust (= intuitive mind).  Marcella's readings are solid and grounded in her strong connection to spirit.  All I can say is that when you sit with her you feel..well, a comfort that goes beyond what is tangible.  She is the real deal.  I have come to her in my darkest hours and found light and have come to her with a light heart and found insight.  Never fluff , but concrete things that have changed the course of my life. Thank you Marcella..."
- CM, San Francisco, CA

"I'll keep this simple. I have been getting readings for over twenty years. Marcella is by far the best I've come across. By far. Her readings have a depth and insight that is very rare in this field. Do yourself a favor and contact her right now."
-Anthony F. - Hollywood, CA

"Marcella is one of those rare people who is unable to be false.  She has a tremendous sense of compassion and service which is a benefit in the work she does. A reading with Marcella is one where you feel like you really get taken care of. I have received tarot readings, a past life regression and life advice from Marcella.  She has a brilliant way of blending her empathic gifts, compassion and a dose of humor.  It's amazing to watch her with the tarot cards during a reading.  One feels the energy shift and it is apparent that messages are coming through.  Her readings are always accurate and gently put.  She is very conscious of the words she uses, which make the readings so effective. My past life regressions where incredible.  I had dabbled in some at home regressions which gave me some information on my past lives.  I was able to source some more information through the regressions with Marcella and get explanations on certain issues and relationships I have in this life. I couldn't recommend Marcella more.  She is infinitely talented and a true Renaissance woman.   She has so much information, covering so many areas. It really is very different than seeing just anyone for a reading.  She happens to be be blessed with a true gift which I feel is her contribution to the development of our consciousness on this planet."
-SE - Venice, CA 

"My mother and I first visited Marcella together for double readings a few years ago and we left closer than ever. Right off the bat she knew I had a brother who I was very close to and described our relationship in detail. Marcella knows how to tune into your energy and reflect it back to show us our issues, past and future trials and how to handle them better. Marcella experiences our struggles as if it where her own and puts her heart into every reading. I did not expect the past life evaluation but I felt i was essential and very healing to know where I have been to better plan where I will be in the future. I did not expect her to know that I had a undeveloped secret desire to live in a large family type community, she blew me away with that one! There was also a powerful reoccurring theme in the cards repeating that I was a healer who communicates well with animals and that a bulk of my work is to do with rehabilitation of animals. Marcella has put me on the fast track to emotional healing, self reliance and allows me to let go and experience life and trust. I love Marcella!"
-Marc S. - Venice, CA

"I've been to a variety of so-called psychics over the years, and Marcella is the only person who I've felt is truly spot-on with her insights and advice. She has a way of seeing straight to your core, your specific issues, concerns and aspirations, in a very illuminating way that you could not see yourself. Readings with her are always positive, inspiring and empowering. I usually see her when I'm struggling with something, a a crossroads, and she helps me to see where I should be directing my energies. I've been following her advice with serendipitous results. See her with an open heart and mind and you'll be so thankful you did!"
- Daisy Mo - Eagle Rock, CA

"Marcella is an amazing psychic. I have worked with her for a few years now at Mystic Journey and she is such an esteemed high priestess. I love her knowledge of candles, spells, animal totems, and how she combines wiccan with native american rituals. When she did the tarot for me, she was extremely accurate and I love how she channels from energies. Such a super kind and evolved person too - that comes through in the reading and gives great advice. She told me to be like the deer - lay low and be gentle, stay out of drama. It really worked!"
- Jaime Allen - Burbank, CA

"I went to Mystic Journey (Venice) for the first time today and I had the great pleasure of receiving a reading from Marcella...initially I was going to have a 30 minute reading but after 15 minutes I knew that I wanted to have 1hr! As a reader myself I knew immediately she was truly gifted. Marcella described a scenario and advice that she was offering to me about a certain situation going on in my life and I was amazed that it was pretty much identical to a dream I had 48 hours prior to speaking to her...she gave me clarity and guidance with absolute gentle sincere kindness that was more than appreciated." 
- Blue Hernandez - Long Beach, CA

"Marcella is a great Intuitive healer and Tarot reader. She is well trained and her compassion for "pains and sorrows" is great. I came to her several months ago with a sad issue that shook me. She not only read the cards, but she was also kind enough to give me her intuitive insights and those were tremendously helpful. Since then, I go to her every month. Marcella's ability to express herself with precise words is a testimonial of her abilities to channel the divine in her. Also, she is a very intelligent and kind person. I highly recommend her. You will not be disappointed." 
- Elena Alvarez - Los Angeles, CA

"Marcella’s readings can be incredibly specific.  She once told me that a younger guy would materialize and become quite the persistent suitor.  And sure enough two days later a handsome younger man began to pursue me with great conviction.  When I was curious about the nature of my relationship with two different people I am in business with, she revealed some very illuminating details.  She explained, that one of the people in question, was distracted by personal issues.  And soon enough, I found out that his son was on tour in Afghanistan. She also told me that his assistant was unhappy and wanted to leave the company.  And sure enough, he has left the company. And while Marcella’s ability to see the specific everyday details, relating to my career and my love life are astounding, it is her connection to the spiritual growth of it all, to the individual journey and how it all moves together that is truly incredible.  Her capacity for revealing the details is most definitely part of her gift, but it is Marcella’s profound connection to the highest spiritual path, to the lesson, to the healing of it all that makes her readings and gifts so extraordinary.  Marcella gets to the bottom of things, to the deep undercurrent that is flowing underneath the reading. She is connected to the rich tradition of our ancestors and animal guides.  And while its fun to find out that a cute young man will come into my life within the next couple of days, it is Marcella’s powerful healing messages that have truly cracked open my awareness. In my last reading she encouraged me to look at the bigger picture and to celebrate its true beauty, instead of focusing on the one minor detail that needs to be fixed.  She told me to stop suiting up for battle, to lay down my sword and to trust that I am taken care of.  And finally to stop sitting on my power for fear that it will overwhelm me.  Marcella reminds me to honor and love myself, and that is the greatest gift Marcella has given me." 
- Julie Mond - Los Angeles, CA